1. Persons or entities trading with or interacting with the company have the right to protection of their personal information
  2. The company will have the right to share and process information supplied to it or collected by it in the normal course of business.
  3. The company will store this information on computer systems and in hardcopy. Hardcopies will be in filing when not in use, and electronic data will be stored on the company server or company appointed server or in the cloud
  4. The company will take all practical and reasonable measures to ensure that this electronic data is secure
  5. The company will endeavor at all times to ensure that information stored is correct and up to date – but the responsibility will rest with the person/entity supplying the information to ensure that it is correct and is updated in writing if/when any of this information changes. See contact information below
  6. The company can use the name, picture, details, logo, etc. of a supplier/ customer/ employee/ service provider for marketing in the normal course of business
  7. The company will, in certain circumstances, be required to request, confirm or verify information supplied to it such as, but not limited to, banking, previous employment, trade references, personal references, credit bureaus, criminal records, etc.
  8. Key staff member of the company will be briefed on the company POPI processes in order to manage personal information appropriately, and they will be updated as and when necessary.
  9. The company will notify any subjects as soon as possible if the company finds a material breach of the handling or storage of personal information
  10. All persons will have the option to opt out of any company marketing at any time – see contact details below
  11. Any party has the right to terminate all/any dealings with the company at any time, subject to any agreed contracts and notice periods, storage requirements by law, and to request the deletion of any/all personal
  12. The responsibility lies with the third party to ensure that all information supplied to the company is correct and updated at all times
  13. Any third party interacting with the company, holds the company and its agents free of any liability with regard to stated POPI policies and procedures, whether there is negligence or not
  14. Contact should you have any query or wish to request deletion of information.